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Cable Fault Location


At Horizon 5 Utilities our cable testing services are carried out by highly trained & qualified Operators, using the most sophisticated test equipment for the fastest possible location of faults, carried on board of our dedicated Test Trailer.


Horizon 5 Utilities test MV and LV cables using the SFX 32 system, which boats the latest technological advancements in its class of cable test systems. Operated together with Teleflex SX, a powerful ARM is used for prelocating of high resistance faults up to 32kV.


Once cable fault is identified, the fault needs to be located and repaired as fast as possible. This is achieved using the dedicated Horizon 5 Utilities fault finding test trailer. Faults are generally either earth faults or open circuit faults, and can be permanent or intermittent.


Permanent faults are located using a combination of pulse echo, impulse current and capacitor discharge devices to provide a precise location. Excavation and jointing, Testing is then carried out to restore the network.


Intermittent faults can be made permanent by ‘fault burning equipment’ that uses high current, but low voltage, to accelerate the degradation. The fault can then be located as normal..


Our dedicated Cable Fault Location Test Trailer carries a variety of sophisticated equipment for the fastest possible location of faults in underground cables. We use cable fault location instruments and equipment that are applicable to all types of cables ranging from 415V to 33 kV and all types of cable faults such as:

  • Earth Faults
  • Phase to Phase
  • Cable Damage
  • Open Circuits
  • Short Circuits
  • Intermittent Faults
  • Sheath Faults